GEARS for Educators

Design, Build,Test, and Learn with GEARS IDS

The GEARS Invention & Design Systemâ„¢ gives teachers the industrial strength tools they need to create world-class engineering and robotics challenges for their students in the comfort of their own classrooms. This heavy-duty mechatronics prototyping kit with industry grade components integrates with a wide array of existing engineering components and third-party kits.

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DEPCO Studio Classroom Management Software

DEPCO Studio is an all-encompassing, online education tool that delivers enriched media content and tests while also offering all of your lab management needs. Scheduling, test taking, record keeping, and messaging organizes classrooms and communication between students and instructors in a simple, systematic approach.

Deliver DEPCO, LLC’s curriculum including Science; Business, Marketing, and IT; Career Explorations; Family and Consumer Science; and Industrial Automation and Pre-Engineering, or customized content and new courses, via DEPCO Studio.

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