Office2PDM lets Microsoft Office users access the power of Enterprise PDM without leaving their native interface, making PDM adoption more likely.
Office2PDM is an add-in for Microsoft Office that brings the document management functions of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM directly into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. For more details, click here.



So Smart. So Simple. So Much Sense.
Powerful PDF creation, markup, editing and collaboration for a paperless workflow.

Bluebeam Revu takes what was once impossible and makes it possible. Combining an intuitive PDF editor, viewer and markup tool with reliable file creation technology, Revu goes beyond PDF and takes paperless workflows to a whole new level. The flexible interface provides the necessary tools for accessing and managing the documents that you need, when you need them. Simply put, it will change your life as you know it.
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Powerful NURBS based surface modelling

Interoperability between Rhino and SolidWorks:
SolidWorks supports opening Rhino files directly into SolidWorks. We are enabling collaboration between design disciplines by breaking down traditional barriers caused by having to translate data between different CAD tools. This means greater productivity and better communication between multi-disciplinary teams and a more integrated concurrent engineering process.

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Ideal parts

The Australian IDEAL-PARTS library contains more than 13,000 metric fasteners, bearings, steel profiles and holes for SolidWorks. They parts are native, multi-configuration files with integrated SmartMates™ allowing automatic drag, drop and mate.
Seamless integration within SolidWorks means CAD-users, designers and engineers are instantly more productive.
The parts are modelled for efficiency and realism, displaying correctly in technical drawings, BOMs, callouts and photo-realistic renderings. Mass-properties, hatch patterns and RealView™ materials are also included.

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RevWorks software is the critical link between modelling software and 3D digitizers and coordinate measuring machines. RevWorks software provides you the tools needed to collect data in real time from three-dimensional measurement devices. We also provide training and digitizing services in support of the efforts of our reverse engineering
software clients.

RevWorks is a CAD-Driven Reverse Engineering software solution for SolidWorks users. RevWorks is a fully integrated Gold Partner solution that empowers its users to utilize a 3D digitizer as a real-time input device for SolidWorks. Physical objects are reverse engineered into a CAD model by applying methods similar to approaches employing traditional hand measurement tools. The end result of the application of
RevWorks and a 3D digitizer is a modifiable, history-driven solid model. The resulting editable CAD model is the most talked about benefit gained by RevWorks users.

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3D PartStream.NET

The most powerful and flexible solution for offering downloadable CAD models through company Web sites. Online catalogs built with 3D PartStream.NET provide component manufacturers with a cost-effective means for generating high-quality sales leads, lowering support costs and increasing sales.
3D ContentCentral
Catalog Examples
Video Interviews

3D ContentCentral

An online resource offering easy access to time-saving CAD models from leading component manufacturers.
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