Solidworks Reseller

The Intercad ADVANTAGE

The Australian and New Zealand manufacturing industry faces ongoing pressure and it is imperative that the industry drives itself forward by providing innovative, high-value, engineering and technology, while at the same time optimising costs and efficiencies. We believe you need a 3D CAD Engineering solutions provider that can deliver robust, flexible and scalable solutions that will meet your business requirements.

Intercad is one of Australia and New Zealand’s premium suppliers of SolidWorks suite of solid modeling solutions among other associated tools and services. Building on Intercad’s 26 years of industry experience, the company has increased support capabilities, and developed more targeted training programs as well as tailored consulting services, provided by its highly experienced team of engineers.These expert services, when combined with Intercad’s expanded portfolio of products – including high end workstations from BOXX Computing and MSI – complete its customer-focused solutions.

At Intercad, our unrivalled knowledge is accompanied by a proven track record, solid business acumen, extensive local experience and a collaborative, hands-on approach to consulting, where we work alongside your staff to ensure the smooth and efficient delivery of your businesscritical technology solution.

In addition, we place a strong emphasis on partnering with our clients to make sure we develop a detailed understanding of their business needs that leads to highly cost-effective, low-risk engagements. As your trusted strategic partner, Intercad can also add value throughout the life of your technology solution to help you maximise your investment.

Whether your business is a global operation, a national enterprise or a local start-up, Intercad can provide you with a cost-efficient, flexible technology solution that will ensure you are prepared for whatever the future holds.

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